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Anxiety ..need to talk to someone

Hello all whom is going thru the same thing.


Ugh, tell me about it. It's taking over my everyday life. I always worry. Always have thoughts that something is wrong with me , I'm going to die, I have cancer. I have headaches EVERYDAY, dizzy and light headed. Constantly thing the worst for myself. I have had anxiety for about a year now. Hasn't gone away. Don't know what to do about it. I don't want to rely on pills. Plus.. I get nervous and scared if I have to take pills. Never been like this before. Very hard for me to sleep because thoughts are

Going thru my mind ... Always. And getting chest pain and discomfort so it's making my thoughts worse. I'm so scared that I'm dying and that something is wrong with my brain. I need people to talk to who is going thru the same thing as me. I'm just so scared. Anyways if you experience the same things then reply and we can get to talking.

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Hello. Everything is describe is classic anxiety. The thing that helped me the most was to think AND WHAT! So if i thought i was going to die i would say AND WHAT its inevitable that one day we will all pass. Im a firm believer of what will be will be. The reason your anxiety centres around this is because of the fear. Let go of the fear and it wont bother u so much. Good luck 🍀.



I used to have all of your problems but not anymore. I have no problem with taking drugs for a legitimate health problem which is what I have. I am a well functioning person and better off because i take the drugs I need as I should and only as I should.

I believe you will continue to have your problems as long as you refuse to let them be medically treated as the medical problems that they are. I don't mean to sound harsh or uncaring because I really do care or I wouldn't be writing to you.

You write that you're scared that you're dying because something is wrong with your brain...well something IS wrong with your brain...that's exactly where the malfunction is and continues to be. You need medications that help correct what isn't functioning correctly in your brain. No where else, just in your brain. Why are you against that? If your heart was not functioning correctly wouldn't you take medication for that? But you draw the line at your brain?

To empathize with your symptoms: Yes, I know how it feels to be dizzy and lightheaded with headaches every day. The dizziness and lightheadedness can be due to breathing too rapidly. You might want to try slowing your breathing down a little at these times to see if that helps. And don't you get so tired of the headaches EVERY darn day?? They make it hard to think and function. I have gone from a headache every day to no headaches at all. I'm amazed.

And I see you have health anxiety like so many others do. You worry that you have every health problem under the sun. This is really common, so don't be concerned about that.

I used to have so much trouble sleeping. Just like you said...thoughts keep going around in your head. I'd jump out of bed, remembering a certain task that I needed to get done or at least write a note to myself to do tomorrow. I'd lay in bed, feeling my heart beating too fast and never slowing down enough to let me sleep. I'd get less and less sleep and still be going to work and doing my job. What a nightmare that was! I'd be working on 1 or 2 hours of sleep, hoping I could make it through the day and still have 3 kids to pick up after work and care for the rest of the day and night. Dinner and a husband to get along with and so forth.

I was just surviving each day. Just pushing to get through the day, not really having any fun or doing anything special. I hope you are doing better the next time I hear from you. Please take good care of yourself. I'm going to follow you because I care and want to see you improve and feel so much better. :)


I've taken Effexor before but I heard it effects driving


Effexor is an antidepressant that helps with anxiety also. It can give you side effects that may affect your driving in the first few days that you take it just like any drug that you don't know how the side effects will affect you. Most people have no problems but you can be prepared and start it on a day when you don't have to drive.

I have never heard of anyone not being able to drive and I answer medical questions on another site. It's worth a try to set yourself free from the prison you're in now. (In my humble opinion).



Hi! I'm going through the exact same thing as you right now! I've just posted a post about the exact same thing and I can't believe how accurate and similar you are to what I am feeling! I keep worrying I have some sort of brain tumour or something even though i've had this for 4 months now and it surely would have peaked. I have got better and I know you will too. Honestly i'm so shocked and how accurate this is to what I'm going through right now. I feel constantly dizzy, these headaches are persistent and they are constantly on my mind. I also have this fear of death and I know it's silly but i get it because I have it, i keep looking at my symptoms and scaring myself silly. If you want to talk about it please do as I am going through the same!

I've looked up so many symptoms and i've found so many causes and I just have decided to stop and try and go on discussion pages instead as they actually read what you're saying and help you instead of pointing facts on a page.

always here, we'll be fine and just know you're not alone in this!

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You can add me on Facebook if you have it. My name is Lori Bennett. Look my email up:


Hi Lbennett01, I feel the same intense anxiety that you do everyday. I'm embarrassed to keep telling family that I am not doing better. I don't like pity or false understanding. It is one of the reasons I turned to this forum. I need to talk with people who go through the same emotional pain and understand that it is not that easy to conquer. Go with the flow, deep breathing, CBT, therapy, biofeedback, hypnosis, acupuncture etc etc. I've done it all and yet it wakes me in terror at the crack of dawn. I sit here crying and so fearful every single morning, I'm tired of living in this constant fear. Afraid of everything like you, even afraid of medication. I'm replying at a bad time of day for me because as the day goes on I will feel more coherent and be able to support you. I can only wish you well and hope you feel better. Take care x


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