So I have been doing very well.. promotion at work lifes good.. well until my stress levels have rocketed!! dont understand why I get so hot headed and stressed when quite frankly I dont feel like it? wtf i dont have the need to be stressed but i just dooooo! then on comes the hot flushes sweats sluring of words and BOOM anxiety/panic decides to ruin my day!!

I have decided Im mental and nothing is going to change me! want to be normal?? but define normal? still i have my jouirnal for my weird and wonderful thoughts :)


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  • Hey there. I think normal for anxiety sufferers is a calm, clear view of the world with a low level of sensitivity to fear. I've done it and have noticed many others get there. Don't quit, keep filling yourself with great knowledge and advice from people you look up to, and you'll get there.

  • Hi, sorry to hear how you are feeling! Nice pic, you look like a film star! 🌸

    J x

  • I have this too - I can be feeling great, handing work pressure or home pressure then BANG I feel terrible. If you asked me I would say I was not stressed at all, just my normal life. but when the doc asks me to lists what's happening with me at the moment it's always a massive list of home/work/family/travel/stuff to do etc etc and then he looks at me and I think OK, maybe I do try to do too much.

    I think anxiety can strike very strong, driven people this way - you keep on for a very long time without realising that you are under pressure.

    Another thought - my therapist said some people get anxious AFTER a big period of stress or pressure. It's the body's way of letting off steam. I've found that's true for me . anyway. I battle through a thing , coping OK then a fortnight later, go to pieces for 'no reason'.

    Stay strong, keep using your coping techniques and outlets, and you will feel better. We're all on here for support/just a rant anyway. -worrymagic

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