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My Invite To Any Anxiety Sufferers Here!

Hi everyone. Thanks to Healthunlocked I've started a community where I can share my personal experiences, and successes over anxiety disorders. I will still be contributing to the groups I follow of course, but i would like to invite everyone to to join the link below for the very best in anxiety support starting right away. See everyone inside!

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Hi AG. Fantastic news!!! 🙌👍 I'm THERE 😃

Thank you soooo much for doing this and of course thanks also to HealthUnlocked.

Cheers ✌☺

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Looking forward to sharing my experiences which I know a ton of people will be able to relate. Be well Lizbett.


Thank you Dennis :-) Am actually in the process of viewing your channel on YouTube so I'll also leave comments there as well.

May I say that it is really, REALLY great to be able to see and hear someone who has recovered from this dreadful illness! Speaking for myself, reading words on a page can sometimes be a very lonely and surreal experience. And anyway, as you say on your channel, some folks don't care to read copious amounts of text for any number of valid reasons.

Like many of the folks here, I'm so, soooo tired of living with anxiety. It's crippling, it really is. It has impacted dreadfully on every facet of my life. And the worst of it? My entire family (namely elderly parents) suffer along with me and that truly breaks my heart.

I concede that I have a lot of emotional work ahead of me and also some tough times ... but hey, the journey towards healing begins as of now ... one step at a time, yes? :-)

Bye for now.



Thank you


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