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Bad anxitey

Hello there my syptoms are chest pain armpit pain on left side left arm pain shakey tired feel of balance ars are all of balance feel like im falling chest tightness neck tightness right side of head feels bigger thsn left and ears feel bloked please help me overcome this iv been for scans and everything and nothing all came bavk fine im 19 5ft 6 and i dunno what to do

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Hi try to keep calm take some deep breaths , this sounds very much like anxiety and panic! I had very similar when I was in my 20s I ended up in a and e where I was told arm pit and arm ache is a vey common sign. You are very young I'm sure you will be fine . Please try not to fear these feelings, because that is what they are feelings weird sensations yes but they will not harm you !


Thank u its more just the dizzyness and worry and my esrs and head its just a horribal feeling


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