I can't find my self

Hi im kali 28 from philippines, please excuse my english, everyday i feel like im having a heart attack, i feel like theres something in my chest, tingling, and i cant get a deep breath, 3years ago im a normal person untill one day i feel something diffrent i cant breath feels like having an heart attack, i was rush to the hospital and do some test my ecg, blood pressure was ok, then after that day, i cant find my self i was before,

Is this normal ? Why i feel like im going to die everyday. Most of the time i feel nervous that something may happen to me,,,

thanks and excuse my english

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  • Hi kali....welcome. the symptoms your suggesting are those of anxiety. We're all here for you xxx

  • Thank you its been 3 years and it looks like its getting worst everyday, ive lost everything becoz of this, im a lead guitarst and vocals of a band and A cmputer programmer. But now im just nothing

  • You're not nothing !!!! Never think like that. You're strong...very strong. Look how you've came the past three years. Are you on Meds or seeking help x

  • thank you so much for the comfort

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