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Dizzy, jittery, restless.... :(


Male 36 y/o...

anxiety kinda started about a year or 2 ago and got worse. been travelling for the past 10 years but now I seem to get so anxious before take off. even became a bit claustrophobic :(.

I was prescribed STRESSAM for a few months but then took myself off it and switched to some natural tabs "stress- away"... its been working ok, i guess but for the last couple of days i have been feeling a bit funny. some dizzyness, breathing not to great, acid reflux (heart burn) and somewhat restless...

started gym about 2weeks ago ...

but i am assuming that my upcoming flights may be causing the anxiousness...

wish there was a quick fix :(

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Sorry to hear how you are feeling. I hope things will get better for you soon x

I'm sorry you are experiencing higher levels of anxiety recently.

The only quick fix that I am aware of is deep breathing. It is

known to immediately calm the body and the mind. You will

need to practice doing it before you get on a flight. But it will

help, short of taking a medication. Working out at the gym is

a good stress reliever, glad you got back to that. The GERDS is

probably from the stress you are feeling, producing more acid

in your stomach. I wish you well with your next flight.

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