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Iv had anxiety for bout 18 months now im all ways on an off my meds cos i get really bad side effects that make u lose it an worried. Anyways iv been of work for 4 days cos i cant eat even when i try it makes me feel sick iv had really bad stomach pains fir this 4 days an its scareing me cos i keep thinking iv got stomach cancer it wakes me up at night feeling awful i cant really eat iv had loads of runs this is worrying me now cos for how long its been i went to see my doctor told him an he keep telling it could be part of the anxiety or u may have a bug is this what anxiety dose to you cos its so bad it makes u bed bound my stomach just aches maybe cos its got no food all iv eaten is banners porige an water i stuggel to do that then i felt a little hungry so i had a little plate of rost felt a little better but when i woke up for the 5 days now its back ok im really worried

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Try eating little and often, even if it's just toast. Anxiety can make you feel sick and the other. If your worrying too that can make you lose your appetite. I'm off my food at the minute and really worried about my health, been feeling sick and not myself at all 😩 If your stopping and starting your meds you could be having withdrawals, have you spoke to your doctor about therapy?


Thank you dizzy char. Yer i went back to the doctors he check me out on my stomach an some how iv got a infection slash IBS so now iv been taking tablets for it an started to eat a little bit now taking it slow. But my anxiety is so bad i cant tell if im just having a anxiety attack or its just plane anxiety im in the car next thing i start to feel really weird an feel like iv took some big drug like im spaced out an dont even like it. Its a scary feeling iv not stated my meds yet as i want to get my food back up an running first before i hit side effects. My anxiety every day dizzy brethles headache little bit pressure not big deal i can handel it but is this what anxiety makes u feel like plus when im working im so busy i feel fine cos i forget bout it but soon i stop im back in to the anxiety again. Its just makes u feel crazy when i go away on holiday i cant even enjoy my self with out worrying. Its really dose feel like u got something really wrong with u an your dieing is this what it makes u feel like iv been told so meany times but i find it hard to believe ppl when your head just thinks different do you see what im saying


I no the feeling, I'm anxious all the time but I do have worries and flare ups, mine seem to peak more in the afternoon and night. Your doing well to be going to work, I'm a full time mum so always busy but still my worries seem to be around!

I feel like there's something wrong with me all the time, it's so annoying and draining, like you said I find it hard toga be fun and enjoy myself 😢


I dont no what it part of bit iv lost 2 loved ones in my life iv had a very angry stressful life everyday then this happen iv not seen my sister for 8 years we was very close. I done something bad an ended up in prison for it i was young annow im 26. I stole alot of money of her husband i dont no why i did it i was so stupid. An iv not seen my daughter for over 2 years i was with her mum for 5 years but she cheated on me so i left her then she was asking me back i said no ones a cheat all ways a cheat so she got horrible an stop me from seeing my kid cos she could not get her own way. I payed so much money in court an lost cos ahe lie so much about me saying i beat her an hit my kid i word never do such a thing i was never brought up to lay a hand on a girl so i went in to temper moade all the time braking things hurting my self an some times i think did this give me anxiety for all the stress iv been in. I try not to cry i miss them both so much i have hate for my self eveyday : (


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