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Its like 2 days away from that monthly cycle sorry if this is tmi......

well this last 2 days are horrible I have been experiencing the worse physical symptoms. Chest pain and off from last night intensity 12/10. Burning shoulder pain, frequent urination, pain in my chest on left side just above my breast. When I get up to walk I immediately feel tired and gosh the yawning its crazy. Last night I could even fall asleep the pain in the middle of my chest by my breast bone was a 15/10 almost cried...I was so afraid just kept praying till eventually I just fell asleep.

today at work the morning was fine come just after lunch oh wow here comes the chest pain in left side again, burning muscles and than the feeling of un realness ,hot flushes even like a sudden hot flushes in my left foot on my toes only the small toe and one next to weird is that.????

I climb a flight of stairs which a usually do 10 x a day but just doing it once today causes my pulse rate to go out of control.

I am really so scared of all these physical symptoms just can't stand it any more.

God You know my struggle and my pains..........

Is my hormone changes doing this???

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I'm praying for you sweetie! God does know our struggle! I'm going through all of this too. In my opinion hormones have so much to do with it! All the dr wants to do is put me on bc pills I just don't want them! Hugs 💛 Praying for complete healing


Thanks for the reply doctor prescribed yelate 60mg for my anxiety physical symptoms used it for a month really helped with the pains but bad headaches and insomnia but than I found out I was pregnant so I just stopped. My daughter is 8 months now not using any medication but now I'm thinking should I rather?


Yes I believe hormone changes are making it all worse, the week before my period I am just so fatigued I get palpitation, hot flashes, night sweats and my anxiety increases I'm also very snappy and irratble. Just try to take it easy listen to your body if your are fatigued don't exercise or do some light walking the week before is a time to rest. Do you take pain killers when the chest pain comes on? Maybe try that too. Best thing to do is rinf yourself that you are feeling this way because of your anxiety and pms nothing else. By the way I'm a day from my period and I am suffering with you lol


I get the same way!!! My anxiety gets rocket High around the time iam about to get my Period. Its the Worst times ever anxiety gets worse for me around these times because the hormones change i hateeeeeee it. God bless you hope u feel better


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