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Greed of the Few and Big Businesses

The headline says it all really and the Tories are making it worse. Arms dealers not regulated that's another problem . Massive Tax dodging going, on billions upon billions is being sucked out of our economy and this is why cuts have to be made. The Tpries or other parties are not dealing with the real issues.

I managed to get some sleep after and my cold or chest infection is getting better but lets not jump the gun.

I had to get Electric and Gas last night usually I do it over the phone but son wanted fags so went to garage put money on both utilities ( or so I thought ) but the attendant put money on one card. I could see he was having problems with seeing things love him his Glasses was very thick but just sorted it all out thanks to my provider.

Also Businesses are selling us way to much Sugar if government don't do nothing there will be a Health crisis.

There got that off me chest.

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You ever looked at David Icke? You may find it interesting especially the illuminati /new world order stuff.also Bill Hicks 'it's just a ride' if you want to laugh about it 😕😂

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I feel overpowered. It's literally you and I against the world. They don't have our best interest in mind, only their pocket books. They literally will poison us (and they have) if it means more money for them. What helps me is remembering that there is a power that's greater than the ones overpowering me, and that power is on my side.

I've become much more spiritual in recent years and it helps with anxiety (significantly).

It's nice to be able to let go but still feel in control. Bring it on world :)


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