next day always the worst

I don't know why but something really stressful can happen on a day than I will be fine no real anxiety physical symptoms I would even sleep better after having the worst day from a fight with my husband to something even bigger but come the next day I would experience the worst symptoms physically that it would scare me.

Can anyone relate to this?


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  • I have been fine for the past 2 weeks and yesterday i started to cry and it felt so hard for me to. My chest got tight my head started pounding its like i couldnt cry i got into an argument with my husband and that whole night i couldnt sleep i kept waking up with my heart racing my feet got sweaty my hands too it was so bad. I kept getting up from the bed pacing bavk and forth trying to calm down and all i kept thinking is ok this is enough i cant continue to be this way iam scared of getting like that again its so scary.

  • I so know what you mean. We tend to keep everything bottled up inside as well as being hurt so easily. When something happens that upsets us it plays on our fragile nervous system and then come the symptoms. Getting up out of bed is a good idea when you are so symptomatic. Pacing back and forth actually is good to alleviate some of the adrenaline The harder thing to do is changing that negative feeling your mind has to a positive one.

    I still struggle with that myself. Wishing a calmer day or at least moments. xx

  • You know, I'm like that too. I've often wondered if it is natures way of protecting us from ourselves. We worry about the what ifs but tend to be able to handle them at the time. only to fall apart on the next day. It all a part of suffering from anxiety.

  • its not right because I usually feel like I have to just keep quite because what if something happens to me know and I die than he is going to remember me as this bad wife.....what is that ??? a healthy argument is what we need sometimes but now it feels like I always have to say yes and amen!!

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