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Guys, I'm so tired of these physical symptoms. For the past two months I've had bad chest pain. Just this past weekend it got worse and it's very painful and I'm nauseas. My doctor told me a month ago it was all anxiety and he put me on some medicine. All I can think about is having a heart attack and dying because my chest pain is just so severe. I'm only 17. I'll be 18 next week. My parents keep tellin me it's just stress, but I don't see how stress can be this severe. Should I trust my doctor and parents? I don't wanna die this young 😫😫

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Oh wow yes your really young but yes you can trust your doctor if you have been through all the testing that is required to rule out any heart decease.

Honestly even after the all clear don't always set someone with anxieties mind at ease, that the horrible reality of anxiety.

When did all these pains started and tell me a bit about your life any thing drastic happened that could be the root to these symptoms.


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When my chest pain started, I had just lost two people in my church Unexpectantly. this little 13 year old boy was accidentally shot and die and this woman in her 30 just fell dead in the shower.


so fear of death that's your root of anxiety even when you feel but im not scared your anxiety will creep up on you and make you fear itself.

Anxieties power is fear its the fuel for anxiety, it grabs on to the fear and sucks the life out of you! its so complex that your mind cant really phatom how all these feelings and symptoms can be from a little thing like anxiety, right?


Yes, it's very likely your anxiety is the cause of chest pains. I had this together with numbing down the arms & feeling awful. Someone explained when anxiety is severe we create a tightening in the chest muscles and worrying about it made it worse. (Sorry I cannot be more specific, but it was a long time ago). Instantly I felt a sense of relief that I wasn't going mad and gradually I guess I started relaxing and finally got better. Swimming the breast-stroke expanded my chest and that helped.

The shock death of two people you knew probably brought home to you the sad fact that life isn't always fair and be thankful for the life you do have. Good luck.


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