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Yesterday while at work I was feeling OK then I laughed out really hard and suddeo felt this sharp pain in my left chest it continued on until after awhile I didn't feel it but if I breathe in I can feel it as well it caused me major anxiety my muscle then became weak and I was shivering cause j became very cold. It was so much tension in my body I couldn't relax now I wake up my tight shoulder is tense and the pain is still there but not intense its under my boob mostly. Any help.

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My right chest* not left

I would say you've tweaked a muscle when you laughed, but I'm not a doctor: has the pain eased up? Xxx

Cwoods in reply to Jodi3

Hi it has eased a little but I'm still worked up and anxious and very much tense.



Very much sounds like you have pulled a muscle when you laughed , I have done it before when I have coughed as well and they are painful and the pain can spread and the more you get anxious the muscles will be tense so you will feel it more

It does take a while to for pulled muscles to heal so it could go on a few days if you do get worried and to give you peace of mind in a few days if it is not improving you could check and see the Doctor , even though I am not a Doctor I really think from what you have said that is what you have done

And to think they say laughter is the best tonic :-D In your case it has worked opposite :-o

Hope it soon feels better :-)

Take Care x

Cwoods in reply to Hidden

Hahahaha I know right I was so happy until this happened it has put me in a damp mood I'm gonna unwind with some chamomile tea tonight.

Hidden in reply to Cwoods

Always something comes a long but it will ease in a few days :-)

Hope the tea works later :-) x

Cwoods in reply to Hidden

Hope soo too

Hi cwoodside,

I'm sorry that this has happened to you. It sounds like a strained muscle from laughing too hard. We have all kinds of aches and pains in our body and we notice every last one of them when we suffer from anxiety disorder. You will be fine. Don't give into the symptoms, get up and do something until the symptoms go away. Use a hot pack on your chest or where ever it hurts. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs

Cwoods in reply to kenya_harvey

Hiiiii Kenya how are you thank u so much I think it is f on that because it happened right after I laughed I laughed so hard I'm going that's what it is uugh I hate anxiety.

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