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I was wanted to ask if anybody else have pains on the side of their boob on the left side I'm new to the site and I thought I was having a heart attack a few days ago I'm 23 years old with 3 children my doctor told me that my heart was fine after he run and blood work and did a ekg on me and he said everything was normal sometimes I feel like I'm going to pass out I get the squeezing headaches my lips go numb I got me stabbing pains in my hands arm and legs feel like throw up most days sometimes I think I can't breathe or I feel like my throat is closing my hands and feet get sweaty and sometimes my chest feels like it stabbing does anybody else have any other symptoms and even schedule an appointment with you Heart Doctor I go to him on February 18th I'm scared to death I'm going to die all the time and leave my children without a mom I cry all the time because I'm scared something bad that happened to me I don't want to believe my doctor because I feel like there's something more than just anxiety can someone please explain to me the symptoms and if these are the symptoms that I'm having and if anyone feels the exact same way that I do I just need to know im not alone the family my family doesn't know how it is feel like they're very understanding they try to help the best way they can I need somebody that knows what I'm going through my family doesn't know how feel like this I need someone that knows but there was just to tell me that this is Anxiety and she was all in my mind and one more other thing does anybody ever get pain in their head that feels like its in your right eye please reply back to me god bless you all and I hope you all feel better very soon

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I get this I had it in my nans 2 days ago and it was so sharp I was sure I was having a heart attack my nan calmed me down tho and told me I was okay!! I also went through a phase of not believing my doctor and sometimes I still don't when I get a random pain or spasm! I've had every blood test there is and they have all came back normal!! I woke up this morning I have a massive headache which in my anxious mind is a brain tumor but deep down I know it's just a headache l!! Xx

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You are so young to feel this way! Little secret I'm 42 and have more or less had all the symptoms you mentioned especially sharp pain under heart area ( but that was many years ago) and I'm still here! You've just described a lot of classic anxiety symptoms, I hope the Dr manages to convince you on the 18th let us know how you get on , trust them. I'm 99.9% sure it's anxiety. Take care x


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