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Leg cramps??

Hello, I'm suffering with anxiety about death and I have an inflamed stomach and allergies causing my ears and nose to become irritated.. Today I went for a walk uphill and I noticed my knees were sore.. Later that night I noticed I was getting a crampy ankle and now I'm got cramps in my knee and ankle on the top and it really worries me that I've got a blood clot or something dangerous.. Anyone else deal with cramping wth anxiety? Am I crazy??

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Hi Jess, I think you might have to separate your anxiety for a moment and look at what you did today. Walking uphill is a strenuous exercise in itself. The angle of your foot is not flat and doesn't surprise me that your knees and ankles would be sore because of the position they were in. Your feet were flexed as you were walking putting strain on your ankles as well as knees. An ointment like Ben Gay or such should help take away that crampy feeling which might be a tightness of the muscles. Of course, you can call your doctor and see if he wants you to have an ultrasound if you are still concerned.

I wish you well and hope you feel better soon.


Thank you so much, my anxiety is I take every ache and pain and put it to the worst situation. Thank you for helping me realize this :) the cramps have eased up a bit so I'm guessing it's just an over exercise thing.. Thank you :)


You are more than welcome. Take care :)


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