Having a bit of a wobble!

Hi all, not having a the best day, struggle most days with health anxiety, depression and everything that goes with it but I've been trying to not think of all the health stuff as my doc says it's all in my head but then I read some posts on here which has been a huge comfort to me in the last few days since I found the site, to then come across posts saying not to trust what they say, now I'm back to doubt again heading for a melt down I think so sick of crying 😔


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  • That's the same as me do you try and forget it and then think you can't actually feel this ill and it be aneixty there has to be an actual problem.

  • I do try, everyday I wake up and think ok today's going to be a new start, and I let myself down every day it's like darkness that swallows me up and then I'm done.

  • Its amazing what anxiety can do to you. Ive thought ive had maybe a dozen brain tumours and stomach cancer and ovarian cancer and my appendix have burst god knows how many times oh and not forgetting the heart attacks about 100 of them. Yet im still here still complaining lol

  • Hi manda, I think like anything else in life, we have to learn to take everything with a grain of salt as to what we read or hear from others. Learn from these but don't let them take over and put you back in a dismal situation. We all suffer differently as well as react to medications differently. What works for one doesn't for the other, and that's okay. Keep a positive attitude the best you can. We are all here to support each other. Take care and be well.

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