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I am still shaking trembling inside.

I still haven't gotten over that asthma attack either that or my nerves are getting stretched again and cant cope with the littlest thing. I didn't sleep last night and here I am again wide awake after taking Valium chewed a bit of skunk and took my mirtazapine.

I also found out my son has a daughter and the grandmother paid to change our sir name to their family name. I know we are not liked where we live by a lot of people because of mental health issues and the woman who paid to have my sons daughters name changed is a prostitute . So let them without sin cast the first stone comes to mind. Honestly if you got to know me or my son you would see we are quite sensitive do anything for anybody but we do have issues. We cant cope with stress and take things a bit to serious sometimes but other than that we are not monsters we're not cruel ,love animals . I will say this there is something mentally wrong with my side of the family Breakdowns stress trouble keeping relationships.

Hope i'm not having another kind of breakdown .Still shaking still not tired. I'll back on here now filling in time lol and spilling more of my broken life.

O well chat tomorrow. Byeeee.

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