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Keep getting really really bad headaches like all in my neck head and behind my eyes I have a bad feeling I might have a bleed to the brain or a Tumor, I just don't feel right!! I keep feeling like I'm about to stop breathing aswell what if I'm really dying and no one believes me really don't wanna die yet I'm only 20 what are the chances I feel so sick shakey and my heads killing Iv took painkillers but not helped, my blood pressure is 101/70, the other day I woke up and my whole head had pins and needles also my arms I really am so scared I don't wanna go hosptial beacuse they just look at me like I'm crazy!! Someone talk to me before I die 😢😭

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Hello there, sorry to hear how you are feeling.

So you've had tests done and all ok? Have they stated you have anxiety issues?

We have all experienced what you are going through, and most on this site still are.

I hope the guys on here will be some comfort to you x


I haven't had test done about my head pains no 😢, thankyou for your reply xx


Just stay calm my dear! That's easier said than done! Headaches can be from anxiety, but please go c a doc about ur headaches! Your not CRAZY! You feel real pain! If u need to talk please feel free , I'm up late and will do what I can to help you!!! Godspeed


Yes definitely get yourself checked out and tested if you feel your life is in danger! It's never a bad idea to get emergency help if needed. Keep us posted if you can!

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