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Couldn't go to therapy because I was panicking/dissociating

Yeah. We got in the parking lot and the whole ride there I was just dissociating more and more and by the time we got there it just felt like a dream and I couldn't breathe and everything was spinning so I couldn't even go to therapy. Anxiety is REALLY working against me. my new medications are making it worse right now too since I've only been on them for 2 weeks. ugh.

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Sorry things did not go to plan today and the therapy could not take place

Did you contact them and let them no what had happened

I wonder if you could make some other arrangements with them for next time , maybe if you have a mobile you could arrange with the therapist if by the time you got there if it happened again could you give them or your husband or who ever had taken you a ring from the car park and maybe they could come out to you and talk to you just enough to get you in ?

Where I live in certain circumstances they will give you home visits till you get to a stage with your anxiety you can get to where they are located this could be something else you could inquire about maybe ?

I always believe there is a way round everything so that anxiety see's it won't beat us and I hope by the next appointment you will show it that is won't have it's way but you will :-)

Put today behind you put it down to experience and make plans for next time :-)

Take Care x

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That happened to me recently. Because of the agoraphobia, I've been having therapy by phone for quite a while. I told my therapist that I wanted to try to come to her office, if I couldn't do it, I would just call her from home. She told me that if I could at least get to her parking lot, I could call her and she would come down to see me.

I was alone and was spacy feeling going there. By the time I got to her office, I was a basket case and in stead of calling her down, I turned around and went home.

I understand once you are that so wound up, having therapy would literally kill me. Between the emotional upheaval I would experience as well as crying, I decided it best to skip the whole thing. My fear was how would I be able to drive home. I couldn't do it.


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