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Struggling to find an answer... Lightheaded/dizzy spells and so on

So about a year ago I started getting really awful tension in my head, which turned into me thinking I had a brain tumour. I was so convinced, I kept getting blurry vision, pressure in my forehead and feeling really dizzy. After a year of thinking I was dying I went private and got an MRI scan and was seen by the head of nureolgy who looked at my brain to find there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! I was so relieved and for the next couple of weeks I seemed to have felt back to my happy, loving life self. Since then I've still been getting really lightheaded! And now my chest is playing up, it will get really tight and I can't help but connect the two. In the past year I've had 3 ecgs, blood tests, blood pressure taken you name it I've had it! I'm not one to suffer with anxiety though?! Not that I know of! I'm 27 and I've had a really good life so I can't find the connection. Could this all be hormone connected?? When I'm on my period I find the dizzy/lightheaded can be worse but it doesn't ever really go?! I can be sitting and I'll get quick outbursts of lightheaded like a pulse inside my body?! I'm kind of stuck as to where to go from here? If anyone can relate id really appreciate any input! (I know it's a bit long) x

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definately hormones to play a huge role in the body when it is that time of the month for me my body goes haywire you talk about light headed and dizziness ive got that at the moment but for the last six months ive had adrenal fatigue and there is always like a slight headache going on is it possible you can have that? do you feel tired in the mornings and find it hard to wake up?


I agree hormones can play a huge part in how you feel, I too get the light headed dizziness some months worse than others some headache and pain sometimes it goes sometimes it never leaves( like it now) try not too worry I'm sure it's not life threatening! I'm still here after.....40 + years😉x

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