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Hey I'm new on here but I have just been diagnosed with clinical depression by my gp, I've had depression for about 3 - 4years now but this year has been the worse. I was not sleeping, depressed and very suicidal, I told my doctor everything and showed them the cuts on my arms and they put me on fluoxatine. I took them for about a month but they gave me insomnia so I stopped taking them and cancelled my doctors appointment and now the feelings have come back and I feel the same as before help????

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Ditch the GP. They don't know much about mental health issues or meds. Find yourself a psychiatrist ... they know their meds. Also, an experienced clinical psychologist who can help you work through stuff. Self-harm through cutting speaks of unresolved emotional pain.

You need to sleep. Talk to your Dr but ONLY about prescribing a low dose of Endep aka amytriptaline. It's an anti-depressant that is often prescribed for pain and sleep issues. I'm currently on 25mg per night.

I've had clinical depression. Next to my current problems, it was hell on earth but I got through it. A lot of Drs messed me about so it robbed four years of my life. Don't allow it to rob more years from your life. Get the right meds (research what you're given); get an experienced clinical psychologist ... one who understands self-harm; plan for a better life because there IS one.

The journey may not be easy. It may take longer than you want. That's why it is important that you do all you can to help yourself. There are loads of good websites devoted to clinical depression/self-harm and what a person can do to help themselves.

I wish you peace from suffering.


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