So confused

I have a lot on my plate I'm a third year student, I'm not amazing at educational stuff so I struggle. I really don't want to fail! So I'm so stressed as it is.

But lately I've felt so unhappy, in myself and everything around me. I don't feel good enough at anything but the gym. And well I've been with someone nearly 6 months, 4 months we were just seeing each other. It started off amazing but I realise I want more from him now, I want him to be thoughtful instead of asking to late what we should do. I'm finding I can't stop arguing or kicking of for silly things, and I've ran out of things to say or try and say. Our sex use to be amazing now it's like he's not even interested or fussed it's always me. He makes me happy but I don't know if it going anywhere I want someone to treat me, and to go out there way like I would for them. I'm so confused I've spoken and told him, and when I nearly broke it off I got so upset. And so did he and we made it up, but a few days later I get hot headed and kick off again. I don't know what to do


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