Heart Attack or Panic Attack! 😱

I have been particularly stressed recently and have suffered with severe anxiety for around 10 years. Last Thursday I was in bed and felt a sharp pain in my chest, had palpatations my heart was racing and I went clammy. I have TMJ from brutish/teeth grinding, and convinced myself that the jaw ache must be a heart attack symptom. I coughed and spoke to my partner to see if my voice came out okay and it did. I still panicked and my head started to spin and I was sick. The pain in my chest subsided quickly when I led down but I was not panicking when the pain started (that I was conscious of).

Has anyone else experienced this? it was one of the worst panic attacks I have ever had and now every ache and pain I assume I am dying :( this is so scary


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2 Replies

  • As someone who is close to having a full year of anxiety and panic attacks, I can assure you its more than normal. I have pains that feel like somebody is stabbing me in the chest but I haven't died yet(clearly lol.) If you are REALLY worried get a doctor checkup to see your vitals (heart rate, blood pressure etc.) If you have good vitals you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Even if they are a bit too high or low you should be fine nonetheless. Cheers! - LightSezor

  • What your going through I had back in 1982 January when the big snow hit Britain and there was no such word as panic attack yes it is stress and its all to do with learning to relax. 20 Minutes a day meditating and I promise it will pass. Just clear your mind stop over thinking breath slow its breathing out that will let your body relax. If thoughts come into your mind gently push them aside and just be No thinking no worrying about past future present just be. I promise your panics will pass. All the best and please try it because they will make you a nervous reck otherwise. Bye for now

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