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Any tips

My health anxiety is through the roof, I often think I've got something wrong with me, especially when I've got symptoms. I just can't get these thoughts out of my head, I feel so rubbish. I have anxiety all the time but it does get worse in the afternoon onwards. I've got tea to do and I just can't take my mind off how I feel dizzy, like the grounds moving, chest hurts, I really hate feeling like this!

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Aww how are you now? Try deep breathing and distract yourself from your thoughts x


Thanks, better than I was but still not right, feel drained, chest feels uncomfortable and palpitations sometimes, but not as bad as before. I tried distraction I had loads to do, didn't seem to help, and deep breathing too, found it hard because I felt like I couldn't breathe x


At least your better than before and in an hour you'll be better again x


Try singing when your anxiety is acting up, this can take your mind off it for a little while. I have severe GAD and I cant sing but try and it does help.

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