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Anxiety attacks, no sleep, and little appetite

I've been feeling panicky literally all day everyday... at least once a day I have a panic attack, and I'm not sleeping and I'm doing everything I can to calm down, and everything I can to be able to get to sleep at night, I mostly sleep like 3 or 4 hours a night at most..... my appetite is gone, I feel like I'm losing it, there's ringing in my ears, kinda sounds like a high frequency noise and my feet are tingly and my muscles are always sore, I feel depressed and I have a lot of inward anger plus I'm so sensory sensitive and irritable because of the lack of sleep.... and I feel kinda unstable. I just barely started talking to a therapist online finally and reading self help books and looking stuff up, but I feel like today I did a really bad job at managing it. I feel very lonely and guilty that I keep stressing out my family and being distant and hurting them on the days that I don't manage it. I feel guilty, had panic attack all day, only it has been escalating all day and I could just not be in the house anymore with that ringing in my ears..... I need to calm down and chill out. I'm trying to evaluate what triggers this...... I can't calm down right now.

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