Health anxiety or hiv:/

Still bin on and off, I no longer think I have a brain tumour I think I have hiv or AIDS now :/ I slept with this girl on October 4th and funny enough my anxiety kicked off an panic attacks started at the end of the month I did lose my job then tho but not for that reason and not long after that I had a bad cold for a week or two on and off and obviously not bin right since so I no longer think I have health anxiety I think it's all started cause of hiv, I really don't know what to think:/ I've lost weight which is making me worry even more I don't feel ill now but Yano I'm just so confused just so worried i keep googling things:/ just don't know if it is or just my anxiety playing tricks on me and I also think I skipped hiv part and just got aids all sorts running through my head:/


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  • Quit with Google. It's a health anxiety sufferers worst ever enemy because it always brings the worst stuff up that you actually have the least chance of having.

    From everything you have previously said it truly does sound like health anxiety.

    A HIV and aids test can be done very easily. Contact your gp or gum clinic to get one sorted out. It should give you some peace of mind and one less thing to feed your anxiety.

    Good luck with your test xx

  • Thankyou:)

  • I have the same issue and I'm terrified of doing the test. I'm scared if it's positive that will definitely increase my anxiety and I wouldn't know how to cope. 😢😢😢

  • Omg I feel the same way. I did a home test in January and it was fin. My fiance keeps telling me let's go for another 1 but I'm terrified.

  • I pushed myself

    To have one an everything came back negative so I haven't got that on to the next thing to worry about:(

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