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If you think about your body constantly can it really cause symptoms? I always struggle to believe it can do this. I worry about alsorts all the time and it varies from different parts of my body and I always think I'm ill. Generally I feel ok, just these thoughts and worries, and the symptoms are so strong. It always seems to be in the back of my mind no matter what

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  • Yes! If you constantly think about something it will happen. Thats anxiety i always think about my headaches from the moment i wake up and next thing you know I have a headache😷 try to think positive always just tell Yourself Iam OK This has happened before it will go away. ANXIETY loveS to feed off our fear

  • Thanks Hun, it's just so hard to believe sometimes, I've believed there is something wrong for so long! Some symptoms seem to cling on worse than others, that's what's confusing for me sometimes, hard for me to accept x

  • I know exactly how you feel. I feel that way too... It so sad like iam on alprazolam aka xanax and it helps me just to get the high feeling and it makes me happy it calms me but then after a while i still have anxiety living in the back of my mind i still feel like something bad is wrong with me. Ive been having like a bruise pain feeling under my left breast by my ribs and iam scared it could be my pneumonia coming back but ive had blood work done and chest xray recently and all they found was an old granuloma from the pneumonia that is harmless... But iam still scared. Ita hard to accept.

  • Hi Char my two cents: When the Fight or Flight response is fully activated your brain releases stress hormones throughout your body, the released chemicals are all part of what you need in order to fight back or run away from a life threatening situation, which back in the prehistoric days of our ancestors were extremely necessary due to the daily threats to life that people encountered, but in today's world this normal bodily reaction is much less in need. Studies show that the sudden release of stress hormones are the main cause of the bodily sensations that people with Panic Disorder experience almost daily. Your pupils dilate resulting in better sight, your muscles becoming stronger to fight back and to run faster if needed. So this explains the normality in how you're feeling, it's basically a car alarm that goes off from a sudden gust of wind...

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