feeling depressed, only at night though ?

for the last couple of days , i have felt really depressed at night , even though there's nothing for me to be depressed about . i feel sad & empty & worthless . it's weird bc during the day , im happy and feel confident. but at night , i just feel stuck & feel like nothing is really worth it . i haven't had any sucidal thoughts . i don't feel like killing myself . but i just feel sad . i have been stressed and somewhat sad lately over a "break up" but im already over It , so idk why i would feel super depressed at night . like when it's nighttime , i try to cheer myself up & be happy , but it just feels pointless . help ?


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  • It happens to the best of us. Night and late afternoon can be difficult. Especially when you're with your own thoughts. Left to your vices. Maybe start a new routine? Such as having a glass of wine while you watch your program on the TV before bed, or taking a long hot bath before bed. Try doing something that will help take your mind off of you. Try and relax.

  • Hi Elise, It still may go back to the "break up". Nighttime tends to be bleaker and can open up a lot of emotions. Different in that mornings are a new day, a new beginning,

    more positive feelings.

  • Sorry to hear... To be honest my onset of severe depression started out like this...

    At night your adrenaline begins to run down, and you're more susceptible to your feelings and/or even symptoms of illness. Not to mention the Sun itself treats depression through ultra violet rays. Night brings about darkness to which depression is an inner darkness so it's more noticeable.

    I pray at night, sometimes all night until I fall asleep and it brings relief I also use fluorescent light bulbs aka as "full spectrum". They are used to treat seasonal depression. I have also benefited from a anti-depressant.

    I hope you find the answers you need and that you feel better.

  • Elise...I feel the same way too...something about the night gets me depressed too...i try to stay busy or keep my mind busy with Words with Friends Scrabble game or other puzzles or games...reading helps a lot too.. If you would like to talk sometime ..im here 😀..hope you get to feeling better soon

  • I got exposed to termite tent fumigation indoors and outside. I've been trying to feel better for two years. Because there's no cure, good days are the exception. No narcolepsy now but by the afternoon, I get the headache and the blah mood. I hope I can push this afternoon blahs further and further into the night. Do not termite tent or go near a termite tent on a building. If it's done wrong, you will never be yourself again. That's why I called myself bugspray.

  • For me I am opposite...night time makes me feel more calm and at ease most of the time. But what I think it is, is that at night you have more time to think about what's bothering you. Your mind is not occupied with your daily activities. Maybe try to read or listen to music at a low volume in headphones that you can fall asleep to. Break ups are tough, I recently went through one myself. Be well. I hope you find what helps.

  • Mornings are the hardest for me.. I think its because I know I have the whole day ahead of me and a lot of stuff going on. Night time is when I find my peace with myself for some reason. Not sure what it is but I love the night time. I don't stay up that late because of my meds but when it starts getting dark I feel better. Best wishes and I hope you feel better!

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