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I've recently decided to try and get some normal back into my life. I used to be a gym rat before the anxiety set in. It had been about 2-3 months since I last went, because I was scared of my heart rate getting up. I went last friday and my heart went nuts, just lifting weights. Although it was abnormally packed in the gym, i feel that may have been making me nervous. I went again this morning, and started with cardio immediately. I ran for 15 minutes straight! Yeah, my heart was beating fast and hard, but this time it was because I was making it do so. It felt so good to have a heart rate of 120, and not something ridiculous like 180... Baby steps is all these are, I'm going to beat anxiety without prescription and I'm going to live a normal life again. God bless everyone!

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Good on you I recommend a book called dare response you sound like the book might resonate with you. It has really helped me

Ok I have the same problem with my heart racing and it scares me to death because when I am at rest it beating like I am running, the dr put me on blood pressure meds and a beta blocker, I can't tell that this has helped, I hate taken this meds especially since I can't tell it's helping, we're you taking any meds for you racing heart

Nope, I don't take any medication. I just practice several breathing techniques to help me control it. Resting though, my heart doesn't beat like I'm running... all the time anyways haha.

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