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?? anyone please

I posted this in general health but google suggests that maybe it's a panic attack? Except, I feel anxious in that I want my soul to be right if its that time but not as in heart palpitations and nausea and light headedness like I usually have if I am anxious. But, I would rather it be anxiety than real but how do you know that difference?

Anyway, here goes.

Has anyone ever felt this way? I just got this sudden feeling that I was going to die soon. The feeling just came out of nowhere and its slightly overwhelming in that it feels very "concrete" and my body is hot and I'm kind of like ... accepting of it in a way. It's weird. I don't know how else to explain it. I feel almost pressure to email T and tell her; I guess because I know no one in my family knows about her and I don't want her to be left out. Is this abnormal? Do people know when they are about to die? Would I be making too much of it to email T just in case, I don't want to scare her - or what if it's not me about to die? What if I feel death but not my own? I don't claim to be psychic or anything so it's not like that - it's just a feeling I got out of nowhere and i'm not really sure what to do about it? Its a peaceful feeling even in its frightening way.

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Firstly're not going to die. Like the rest of us on here...we have often had similar feelings. It's our minds honey...our mind controls and tricks us.

It will pass with help and support and we are all here for you x

Secondly..who is 'T' ?


thanks for your reply means alot!! and t is my best friend X

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Breathe.... I've had this before as well... your mind is working against you on this one. The only thing that helped me was redirecting my thoughts. It's really really really difficult.... turn on your favorite movie or grab your dog/cat and recall fond memories. Anything to get your mind off of that. If it makes you feel better to email T... then do it. Especially if they are your best friend. They can help, they know you better than yourself sometimes. :)


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