Hi i have suffered for many many years and have tried every thing going to rid my self of this hell, but sadly all that half works is aceptance of anxiety , I have read most self help books , some do actually make me laugh , because the auther seems to be unaware that its not as easy ' just to face it and carry on' the only self help i found useful was claire weeks I hope you all get well but in my experince if you dont understand anxiety it will not go , and if you suffer with health anxiety like me you have to be strong and accept it just for what it is


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  • Have you read claire weekes self help for you nerves? Its a really good book, it teaches you to face accept float and let time pass . Youre right you have to accept the anxiety and let go , take everything as it comes x

  • I found that understanding how anxiety works helps, it is just the racing mind making up stories.....

    No- one can predict what is going to happen in the next ten minutes, ten hours, ten weeks, ten years...

    Yet the mind can worry about it!........worth a laugh....

    Find something that induces calm and your worries will subside...

    Best wishes

  • Like you I am reading claire book right now and it true acceptance is the key to recovery, must say it's a lot easier said than done. I feel I have to live with it daily, such a struggle

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