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Having major heart anxiety right now

So I've been freaking out for a couple of hours now about my heart. I woke up from a nap and my heart was pounding and my left arm was achy. A little bit of a back story, I've been having arm left arm discomfort for over a year. I was a dental assistant for a long time and would lean on my left arm/elbow a lot of the time. I also get this pulled muscle sensation in my left shoulder blade. So, of course now I'm thinking I'm going to have a heart attack. Common sense tells me that if I've had these symptoms for over a year, it's most likely not heart related, but once the intrusive thoughts start, it's so hard to stop them.

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You're right of you have has this symptom over a year you can guarantee it's to to with leaning on it with you're job and not even related to you're heart pounding it's just the anxiety that's linking the two together anxiety does a very good job of linking things together so we come up with a terrible diagnosis but in reality there's always a rational reason

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