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Never officially diagnosed w anxiety but I'm sure I have a bit of it. I am a former migraine sufferer. In June of 2015 I fell off of a bike(didn't hit my head). But began to feel "off balance" soon after that day. Vertigo came & went.. I could deal w that. Had it in the past. I went away on vacation, I felt as if I had a migraine the entire two weeks. Nothing helped. I have been on Topamax for quite a while for migraine prevention.Neurologist has been upping my dose. Now on 75 mcg. I have this heaviness hanging over my left eye. This exhaustion, this feeling in my head. Only feel this in my head on the left side. My body is fine. I have no other health issues. I have been tested for thyroid, Lyme disease, two MRIs, everything came back clean. Had a full blood work up, vision checked. I don't know what else to do! Could this be anxiety? One doctor had me try Paxil for a few weeks. I didn't notice a difference but it did make me extremely tired with the Topamax I couldn't finish taking it . Maybe I need a different anxiety med? Does this foggy head sensation sound like anxiety? But it is only one sided which is baffling me? I do get a fast racing hard at times just comes on at odd times of the day. That has been happening on and off as an adult.... Agh....been seven months now. No relief. Constant. go to bed with it and I wake up with it. Does this sound like anything you have experienced?

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Hi, it seems that all your problems, short of the migraines, started with that fall off the bike. Either something caused you to fall off the bike or something happened when you fell off the bike. Either way, it doesn't sound like anxiety. I had suffered for years from severe migraines where I would get the heaviness over one eye like you are talking about. My heart would race at times during the migraines. (after all the arteries are expanded during that time). With anxiety, I get that foggy head sensation but it is the whole head, not just half. Having it on one side sounds more like it goes back to your migraines. Seven months is a long time to have that discomfort day in and day out. Maybe you need to revisit your neurologist. I'm sorry I couldn't help more. Good Luck with finding an answer and getting relief.

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Thanks, Agora :) Yes, such a long time to deal with this... :( Some docs think I shifted something when I fell - I will continue to do physical therapy. Some says it's cervicogenic. Then I wonder if it's even related to migraine at all? Actual Migraines with pain are VERY few these days, that's wonderful. I'm wondering if he will switch my meds on my next visit (next week). I follow up with him every 3 months.

I have been to acupuncture (regularly) since October. I don't notice any changes (but I am sure it's helping something else).

I think my next step will be a functional med. doc. Does anyone see one in Massachusetts? I'd love a recommendation.


Hi...I'm glad you are having physical therapy as well as acupuncture.

I've had both in years past. One year of acupuncture and you are right, it does help the total body. I'm not sure what a functional medical doctor is. I'm in Chicago, is that like a sports medicine dr?

In any event, good luck with your appointment next week as well as finding a solution to your problem. I wish you well.


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