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I relaxed

Today I was so worrid about going out as last night I did an anxsity test to see on a scale how I stood with it I hit an 88% witch then was told was very high and for self help I had to relax when I'm faced with my dizziness or panick attacks so I practiced last night by laying down then resting my eyes then to focases on my hands the way they felt tiggerly and heaven/light cold/warm then picture the feeling travelling up my arms and how my arms felt then my feet and how they felt I did this for 5mins feeling how my body felt then I let out a breath and sucked in another I did this for a min or two as well then when I went out it was easy to drop my shoulders and relax I kept concentrating on how my shoulders felt and I was amazed how tight they where getting when I thought of anything els I enjoyed the wind and rain in my face as I walked home today I walked with a smile today I'm hoping is my 1st day of losing the fear and replacing it with walking away from people that tell me I'm lazy and that I'm attention seeking I have a fobia and anxsity I stress easyily and not many understand how difficult it is to be in my shoes they just think I'm moaning when I'm scared or I'm panicking or that I'm lazy when I don't want to go out as I get dizzy but today I'm walking away and recovering on my own with the right people around me that will guide me when they see me struggle ... The last four days I've realised I've been needing other to accept me and love and approve of me so I could be happy I'm working on my self today and tomorrow and for the days to fallow any one els at this point of the life with me on this as I would live to here some tequnecs you guys have used to de-stress I'm looking for anxsity meetings near me so I can attend and meet me people and help others

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You have done all the right things last night. I do meditation, positive reinforcement and soothing music to calm my nerves. I've done CBT, Hypnosis, Biofeedback, Talking Therapy, Medication and Aquatics. Support groups are hard to find but help. Deep

breathing is an "on spot" immense help which needs to be practiced before you need it. I wish I could say I've found a cure, but anxiety is just a part of my life that I have to work around it. Keep doing what you are doing if it helps. We are all different and react to different techniques. Wishing you continued luck. You can do it...:)


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