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Keep waking up feeling like someone's beat me up in my sleep, aches and pains every where especially in my left ribs. I went to my doctor about it he diagnosed me with Gastric reflux? I also feel really sick when I wake up and gag a few times, it all seems a bit much but after a while it goes and the rest of the day I'm fine apart from the shortness of breath I'm dealing with which I think is actually my nose blocking up. Lmk if anyone had this experience. On the plus side I haven't had a panic attack in over 2 weeks 👍😄

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That's great that you haven't had a panic attack in over 2 weeks. As for feeling like you got beaten up when you wake up, yes I get that too. Even though I don't really get panic attacks anymore but rather in free floating anxiety all the time. My body never really gets to relax. The muscles are so tight and tense that I feel they never really recover with sleep. After I start moving around the muscles loosen a little but again

with the fear I feel, how can they relax?


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