Im so tiered

Hey there just to let you all know i enjoy being in this group it helps me to know im not alone with all this crAzy stuff happening to me hope you guys feel ok i being mostly in bed lately my legs are always weak and shaky have bad acid reflux stomach cramps im suffering for two years have tried lots of meds but there not helping now waiting for a specialist apoin hopefully soon if any body has trouble sleeping try 1 teaspoon himalaya salt with 5 teaspoon raw honey put half a teaspoon each night under your tongue and let it melt it helps me


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  • I'm so sorry that you're having troubles with weak and shaky legs and acid reflux. You must be very tired of these problems. Have you tried elevating the head end of your bed or elevating yourself by sleeping on a few pillows with the torso of your body? It should reduce your acid reflux. I hope your Dr is helping you with this reflux problem.

    I'm sure you're tired of this and ready for something to WORK!!! Some people even sleep in their favorite lounging chair or recliner so they can keep their upper body elevated. Hopefully the honey and maybe something else will help you not have so many problems. You have my sympathy and greatest wishes for a good sleep tonight and no more problems tonight!!!

  • Slightly elevating your body while sleeping can give you some relief. Try natural remedies such as aloe vera juice, gingerroot tea, banana and apple.

  • Have you tried garlic and parsley tablets for your stomach, plus a good probiotic, need to take both deformed a month.

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