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Having a rough day! Please help


Hey guys, still been taking my Magnesium, so it's not as bad, but I'm starting my cycle in a few days which I'm aware makes my anxiety and DP worse. But just feeling this impending doom feels like torture. Like I wish people would stop talking about "life lessons" and "life experiences" i hate that. It just sounds so final. Like do people realize what they're saying?? Am I the only person that hates this way of speaking?? It's just so annoying. On top of this, my baby brother who is 23 just went to prison for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now he's caught up in some serious shit and now we have no idea how long he'll be there.. It's driving me crazy thinking about it. I can't text him, or call him and when I see him, I can't touch him. It's been this way almost 2 months and not knowing how much time he's going to get is so hard to deal with. It feels like I'm grieving him going to prison. Is that normal?? Can you still grieve even tho the person is still healthy and very much alive?? he's my baby brother and it just hurts so bad.. And bad thing is, his arrest happened 2 weeks after my first panic attack and made my anxiety even WORSE! And the impending doom is what's bothering me the most besides the DP/DR. Please will somebody say something??? I'm really hurting today...

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Sorry you are having such a tough emotional time which is no doubt going to make you feel more anxious and what people say is also going to irritate you more than maybe it usually does as well as been premenstrual to ! I better be careful how I reply when I look at that list :-/

It must really hurt seeing your baby Brother in such a predicament and yes you can grieve for people that are still here but are not in reaching distance anymore in fact it can sometimes feel worse in a way because when you loose someone and they are no longer here deep down you know there is nothing you can do but when someone is not in your life as they should be and still here the grieve can feel like torture

There is nothing you can do about this situation though as painful as it is , it is not your fault and you can only hope that lessons have been learnt and once your Brother is back out he can make a fresh start and you can make a promise to be there to help him and meanwhile you can keep contact by letter or visiting and let him know how much you love him that will help him through all this and while he is you have got to put you first and get the support you need :-)

You are powerless over what has happened you cannot fix the situation but you need to put yourself first and I hope you do because you deserve it :-)

Take Care x

RyRywifey in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much for responding.. I really appreciate you for that. And thank you for your words, I really needed to hear them. Yes I am very easily agitated right now. But you didn't say anything at all to trigger it lol, and thank you for that. I am trying to put myself first because my mental health depends on it upon other things. It's hard. But I am trying, Thank you

You are grieving for the brother you knew, perfectly normal.

RyRywifey in reply to Redhots7

Thank you so much.. And thank you for taking the time to respond. I never knew you could grieve your loved one going to prison. It's the most terrible feeling and the anxiety and constant impending doom it gives me at times is horrendous. But thank you so much.

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