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Pain pain so much pain

Today is the worst day in a while. I am having siiden sharp paind just above my breast on my left side of my chest radiating to the left side of my rib and back. It then moves to my right side front and than back of rib cage. I can't even fall asleep cause it hurts so bad. Is this anxiety? ??? Is this really possible to hurt so bad the whole day. I feel dizzy spells as well but the pain in my shoulder and chest left side is sooo scary. I even feel my muscles burning. When I get up and walk I feel it more. I am so tired of this. God did not give us a spirit of fear but of strength.

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I get this with trapped wind its aginy and anxiety gets worse if u think its something bad go get checked as everyone different try drink warm kettle water if its wind will help moving it


Anxiety feeds on your thoughts. Accept that it is anxiety that is making you feel the way you are feeling.Relax believe me I know how you feel.


I get the sharp pains on my left breast and under my rib cage and on the shoulder all on the left side and on my back right side i have spasms it does hurt but mines come andbgo. Ibget very scared


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