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Still worried

Well had emergency ct scan from 7 weeks blurred vision head aches they thought i had something on brain so had ct scan with dye all looks fine ( thank god ) say prob virus run me down all bloods were ok too . So why am i worried still and feel so crap .i go hot if i get a pain in head neck which then works me up thinking the worse . Just want to get bk to feelimg ok again 😢

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This is horrible, has the blurred vision gone? Do you suffer from Anxiety disorders?

If it gives you any relief if your bloods were fine then that's usually a good indicator that everything else is ok so far. Of course it depends what bloods but the body reacts to really serious physical illness with a change in blood and a over production or manipulation of different sorts. Calm down and breathe. If your blurred vision hasn't gone go back and ask for more exploration, there is a reason for this and you must make the professionals find it. The heat and pain could be a reaction to your stress worrying about the blurred vision but it could also be linked to something else and you should tell your GP about it.

If you want to explore the idea that your symptoms are linked to anxiousness or mental health - how are you sleeping? Do you exercise? Keep a log of when you get the pain and see if you can find a pattern - particularly stressful day? Didn't sleep well? Didn't eat well? Didn't drink enough water?

Good luck xxx


Iv haf viruses for 8 weeks had eye tests ct scans all ok they seem to think its stress and immune system is nil . Plus iv been on diff meds which dont help . I dizzy and feel drunk all time had ear infections which are now ok so think its just everything past fee weeks ct scan would of picked something bad up so tryim not to worry too much x



This is what you call Health Anxiety and that is why you are still worrying

But please be reassured those tests would have shown if anything was wrong so when you get these thoughts rather than thinking it is a Brain Tumor or something try telling yourself No , the experts have told me I don't have that wrong this is anxiety trying to keep control

Try not to focus to much on the fact you are still worrying because that makes us worry more , see it as the fact you have Health Anxiety the way you are reacting is normal , if sometimes we can accept you can find it gets less as it looses control of taking over are every waking thought

I suffer with Health Anxiety , even though most of the time I can keep it under control but at times it still rears it's ugly head but unlike a lot of anxiety sufferers I am to afraid to have tests done in case they say something is wrong so in a way I wish I could do what you have done and get tests done because if they told me everything was fine I no I would accept it was anxiety and would work on that :-)

I hope you are feeling less worried than when you wrote your post and if you have not spoken to your Doctor and sought help already for your anxiety then go and talk to them and see what support they can offer you :-)

Take Care x

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I am on meds ..... this had all started cos iv been ill 8 weeks and has made me worry about every pain i have . I have to deal blurred vison pressure ears and head neck shilders hurt . I keep gettimg a hot face then i panik in case anything happens or i have a panik attack . Just so scared at min all the time plus iv lost 2/12 stone in 8 weeks with viruses . Just want to feel better again


Breathe. You've been ill for so long no wonder every little niggle is blown up into something dreadful. But keep reminding yourself, you've been checked for the 'big stuff', you're ok, but ill. Yes there might be a medical problem that needs sorting but keep going back to the GP if you're worried, let them check and check and check to reassure you. If there's not a physical problem to sort...

You will feel better again. I don't know when but nothing stays the same. That's the biggest lesson I've learnt. You won't be ill forever, forever doesn't work like that. If your pain is due to stress then start exploring why that might be, can you pin point if something might have resulted in this? Have you tried therapies for managing stress?


it all started 8 weeks ago i had a sickness bug lasting 3 weeks plus i had changed meds after 3 weeks went bk on old meds , then got flu and sinusitus then another 48 hour bug and now a cold so iv had a really bad time docs think i just run down and fighting bug after bug but cosi have not felt well in 8 weeks i worried and 6 week blurred vision neck ache etc i am scared somethin wrong , my panic attacks are less bbut by 4 in afternoon i start getting hot face and paniky so i take my antidepresant , i think alot is in ur mind , but while kids at school i spend every day alone dont go out cos feel poorly still so i think more visious circle


When you say you've changed meds is that for your depression? And you're back on the old meds, so you can't link the new symptoms with the meds? Changing meds can be a horrendous experience and cause physical reactions, maybe it's a waiting game til your body feels like it knows what it's doing again.

Just because you're inside doesn't mean you can't occupy your mind more. I do colouring in when I feel panicky - don't knock it it really works! I was a stay at home mum when I first started feeling mentally unwell. It was a real shock to my system when I wasn't needed through the day any more and my kids went off to school. I know now I have to busy my mind. It's true I went back to work in some capacity to sort this but there are other things I do too. I recognise that watching the tv is not relaxing it's checking out, it's actually more anxiety inducing for me. I read in bursts because thinking I've wasted the day sitting reading makes me stressed so I limit myself to an hour. I colour for half an hour. I talk to people on the phone for an hour. I cook the evening meal during the day. I invite a friend over for coffee. I clean one room only, per day so I don't feel like all I'm useful for is cleaning.

I break my day into chunks like that so I'm kept occupied. I think it has the effect of making me feel like I'm acheiving lots of little things on a to-do list. This makes me feel better when the kids come home and I slot back in to mothering.


bbccbbbbbyes i was on mirtazapine then went on duoxetine for 3 weeks and was awful so bk on mirtazaoine so my body had been messed about a bit plus all bugs etc , the blurred vision and head aches neck aches are getting me down yet all looks ok , guess i just wish u could get a tablet and take it all away i had ct scans monday and are ok but still i worried this really does mess ur head up , i was not this bad till i started being poorly and all this health anxiety kicked in x


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