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Anxiety again

Quite a while since I have been on this site. I had anxiety last year brought on by worrying about health. But got over it and felt great for about 6 months. It came back out of the blue in Dec. Dr put me on citalopram but been on them 8 weeks no different. Main problem is mornings I wake around 4.30 and cant get back to sleep. Then I start feeling sick and dry heave in bathroom. Nausea stays most of the day so can't eat till around 6pm. Don't want to do anything because I feel so sick, driving my still at home son mad with my constant crying. I can't see a way out. I get so lonely. Don't go out unless I really have to. Waiting for appointment at cbt but long waiting list.

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Try and eat little and often even if it's just a slice of toast. Do some things for you that you enjoy, breathing excersizes. Walking or excersizes is supposed to be good for anxiety and may help you get better sleep and may also distract you from your thoughts.

I don't sleep well either, and same only go out if I need to, I'm trying to push myself to do more

Hope your ok x


thanks, I am just walking around the house most of the day. I have a brand new car on the drive and cant even get in it. I live quiet remote too and most of my friends live quite a distance. I am so sick of this now the things that started my anxiety don't seem to manifest themselves now its just the nausea and sickly feeling that has taken over and worrying about what I can eat. If I do manage to get to supermarket with my son who can drive I have no idea what to get and waste so much food as I cant face it. My life is not my own it belongs to the Anxiety (devil in disguise).


I no what you mean. You might also feel sick because your hungry maybe? Drink plenty of water.

What about a walk somewhere local, if you don't want to alone you could ask a friend or family member, the fresh air might do you good x


would take a friend over an hour to get here I normally pick her up but I cant drive at the moment. I am hungry yet been nibbling ginger biscuits. Just no appetite at all. Sound like excuses I know.


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