anyone please?

i just dont feel right i dont know how to explain but i dont feel right i feel funny weird like somethings terribly wrong with me its weird is this normal for anxiety? also i havent been eating just feel like i dont want food tierd all the time and get cold and tingly all over my body mostly everyday for hours ? im scared this is something serious 😔😔😔


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  • Sounds like anxiety, I used to get tingly and wierd feelings when I wasn't eating properly, your body needs food to function and to give you energy x

  • This is how I feel too, I haven't been eating much either over the past few days it really sucks, just try eat light things like a sandwich. The only reason I don't like eating much is because I get bad indigestion which gives me a tight chest and then I worry about my heart 😩 But yeah I've had all your symptoms try not letting it distract you and do some breathing exercises it might help.

  • Hi avahxo, I think you are the best judge as to how you are feeling. If it's different or last more than a few days, I would check with the doctor. We can't always blame everything on anxiety. Take care. P.S. try some soup, jello, scrambled eggs to keep your strength up. Not eating can throw your whole system off. Good Luck.

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