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You will never believe what I'm HAPPY about


Okay so the other day I went to the ER with a panic attack unlike anything I've ever felt before. They took a bunch of tests. Today I get a letter in the mail saying that a culture has come back positive. Naturally I'm freaking out. Like really freaking out. The letter says to just follow up with my PD but it's Saturday so I called the hospital. They put me through to my doctor who tells me my TSH levels were high. I'm ready to cry. I'm like what the hell is that??? How long do I have left??? Then he tells me I have a hyperactive thyroid and need to go to my primary care doctor for more tests. Now, my PD has tested my thyroid a couple of times because of my severe anxiety but nothing's ever come up. I said this and the doctor said that sometimes thyroid problems are overlooked because of outdated testing. And when I read up on it, the symptoms of hyperthyroidism are depression, ANXIETY, and DEREALISATION. Honestly as crazy as this sounds I will be so happy if this turns out to be the cause of my anxiety. It's easily treatable and maybe I can finally feel normal again. So yeah, pray for me to have an overactive thyroid I guess? Hahahah. Maybe this can all finally be over. I'm sick of taking all of these anxiety meds. None of them EVER work. Maybe this is why? I don't know, but I'm hopeful, as silly as it seems.

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For most of us when we have anxiety we will go searching for anything else to be the cause because we struggle to believe and accept anxiety can make us feel so bad and in most cases it is anxiety but now and again there can be an underlying problem like it seems you may have so yes I can imagine you relief

I really hope that after more tests if that is what they need to do you get the right medication to help and you are anxiety free :-)

Take Care x

You know that's so funny I've known about the thyroid thing as that's the first thing my doctor tested for when it all started for me. I think I've been tested 3 times for it over the last year always negative but I too wish it were positive and the answer to why I feel this way lol. I hope you get a good outcome whatever that may be :)))

Hi someone. You should write a book. From the title to the first couple sentences, it was like reading a medical mystery novel. I couldn't wait to see how it came out. I am so wishing you well and hoping that you can finally find an answer to your anxiety. They seem to be better in treating thyroid problems than anxiety. Good Luck.

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