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Been on a good streak

Well.... it was going great. Then i woke up in a pank/anxiety attack mode. That feeling when have the tingly skin, the head sweat, shacky body, and the nauses stomach. Im not sure what triggered it since i was sleeping. But it brought me right out of my sleep. Once again i feel that i failed my self by letting it take over. But writing this down and reading all fellow supporters helps to get threw this issue and thank health unlocked for that.

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What are you doing beating yourself up for having a little set back when you have been doing so well and if you had not been doing so well and moving forward you would have not realized you had a little bleep

When we are overcoming anxiety it is not all plain sailing we are going to have our moments we have been so used to feeling anxious it is more than acceptable it will creep up now and again but today is a new day but this behind you , focus on all the positive things and the progress you have made :-)

Take Care x

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