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I don't no who I am confused

Hi all as we all suffer and it's horrible and my aniexty is proper high along with OCD I'm having horrible thoughts what r disgusting vile and horrible and everybit of them I HATE, it's vile what I'm saying is right but I feel my brain thinking and talking to me saying yes u wanna do sumat bad and you bad person when I don't want to and I no I'm not, I'm adoving all sharp things cuz they scare me I can't pick a knife cuz it's scares me thinking i Hurt someone when I don't wanna now I feel i have to think of sumat bad to then my brain to relise no this what I want when really it wasn't in the firsts place then my brain start shouting out u r bad person and u wanna hurt someone when deep down I really don't, I want they old me back as what people no me as I really truly don't wanna loose everything its really destroying me now is anyone been like this?

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I am sorry but are you waiting for some therapy I think I read you were and once you start this will really help

I know the thoughts though I used to have very similar one's myself and it is so frightening but you know that is a good sign that they upset and frighten us so much that shows we are not a bad person because someone that was would not get upset by these thoughts and would no doubt think they were acceptable

When these thoughts come in your mind try and remind yourself they are thoughts they cannot harm you and you will not harm anyone with them and that your anxiety is creating them , say out loud if you have to that you are not listening , that this is anxiety till they pass again , try and let go after because the more you let it play in your mind the more anxiety it creates and then the thoughts keep coming , I know it is not easy but when you do get some therapy they do ask you to do little things to help you deal with this so it is something we have to start to do even when we have the support , which is good when we get it because it is a relief to know someone is there to keep helping us but meantime you have here to come and we all know how anxiety affects us so no one judges or thinks you are a bad person on here but know you are suffering with your anxiety at the moment and keeping everything crossed that you get support soon

Take Care x


Did the thought keep going around in your head saying you wanna do sumat bad cuz I don't as person, my sister says your in control not your mind thanks for kind words x



Sorry to see you are suffering.

I also suffer from bad OCD and anxiety and I know what you mean by your brain trying to convince you of something you aren't. I am personally going to seek help for this as it is ruining my life. I find sometimes talking out loud makes things rational for me for a while but it ends up back to this. I also have that feeling like I am going to lose everything, it's like your brain is torturing you.

You're not alone, but don't do what I did and leave it too long before seeking help.

Feel free to message

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I'm going through the exact same thing. I'm so afraid of hurting people and I have that nawing thing screaming at me telling me I'm a bad person. Sometimes I'm confused of where I am, and I certaintly don't know who I am at all. I can relate. You are not alone. Do you stugglle to get out of bed or the house? I know I do a lot. Look, if you feel weak, your strong and you will get though this, I only know that because so many have overcome situations like this. I doubt this for myself a lot, and I am sorry you are suffering like this. It's no way to live life. But this is the hand we were dealt. Keep reaching out. :) Much love.


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