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I did something stupid

I'm sure most people have binged on a sugary food before. I did the same yesterday and today. I had one too many oatmeal raisin cookies(about 12 in total,but 6 oatmeal raisin cookies and 6 macadamia cookies) not only did I get a "lecture" for eating so many,but I'm also worried about my health,and I feel the need to change my diet. After my brother's lecture,I used the elliptical machine for about 35 minutes. I felt less guilty,but I'm still worried. For example,I've been having shortness of breath for a while now and it feels like I'm suffocating sometimes. I keep worrying its cardiac related,but once again,I was told that I was healthy.

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I think we can all have a day when we binge but you have realized it was a bit over the top so I would forgive myself :-)

Have you looked at the other Communities on Health Unlocked ?

There is one for Healthy Eating I will pop you the link on that will take you straight to the Community you can have a look on there you may pick up some good tips as well as talking on here about how you anxiety affects you

Take Care x


what is an elliptical machine? Just curious?


It's a stationary exercise machine used to stimulate walking,stair climbing,or running.


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