Keep getting short shots of what feel like pins and needles but it's painful lasts a few seconds and disappears. Every time it's on a different part of my body and it's really freaking me out cos I keep thinking it's heart related. Is it anxiety? I didn't feel anxious so I don't get it and I woke up to it in my chest this morning. I know I said I didn't feel anxious but I do suffer with bad anxiety just at the time I felt fine. And now I have shortness of breath cos I'm worrying so much.


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  • Hello. Your pins and needles is very unlikely to have anything to do with your heart - so thats the good news :-) The most common reason for pins and needles is caused when superficial nerves in the body are unable to send to signals to the brain because the blood supply has been interrupted - usually by, for example, falling asleep on your arm or sitting cross legged for a time. The feeling disappears when the blood flow has been returned to normal.

    The thing about anxiety is that it is always there - you may not always be aware of it but it is there. We notice it less when we are distracted by things that require our attention, and more when we are not distracted. So you dont have to be having a panic attack for anxiety to be affecting you at any time. Health anxiety, particularly, means you are actively looking for things that are wrong on a constant basis - that is the nature of the illness. I hope this will help in some small way.


  • Thanks helped calm me down!

  • You will be fine pins and needles and shortness of breath is all anxiety related , non of it's nice but just keep telling yourself. You know what it is!

  • Pins and needles might be B12 deficiency. If it's that low you'll need shots. Have blood checked before taking pills. Or calcium.

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