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Iv had depession years 7 weeks ago i changed meds and had a major panik attack ended up ecg etc . Had bloods done and high white bloods i have virus too . 3 weeks of dv and i also decided to change bk on to old meds . I then started flu and blurred vison bad neck and felt shocking docs gave antibiotics as thought sinuses . Well this was a month ago i still have bad neck blurred vison ( had eye test all ok ) . Numb face ( dentist seen and night guard made ) bad ears stiff neck and sholders been to doctors every week say am get over virus but i am so anxious all time i am on meds but i wake up at 4 and have to get up as feel panic setting in then i sit waiting for kids to get up as am scared am gonna die and kids will find me . Anyone feel like this all started 7 weeks ago .


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4 Replies

  • I get blurred vision and aches and pains all over. I've had numbness in my face before. Pain and stiffness in neck could be due to posture/being tense, happens to me.i feel ill quite a lot but I do think a lot of it is down to the way we're thinking and being anxious. Are you having therapy? I always worry about dying.take some deep breaths and relax yourself x

  • Iv tried councilling and i didnt like it i normally manage till i have been so poorly not had one day 7 weeks iv felt like me . Iv had 3 viruses and its made me think something wrong . Yes i googled and made my self worse and wish i had my mum to talk to

  • Is your blurred vision all the time mine has been 6 weeks and fuzzy head feeling

  • I completely understand u I've have high white blood cells for almost 20 years just went to a hemotogist this month and it's still elevated he told me not to worry at this point he just wants to monitor it I'm still scared and just thinking I'm going again in March still gives me panic attacks why do we still feel like this even after the doctor says not to worry so much ugh also my red cells are a bit elevated he said could be the bone marrow producing extra and wants to take blood out next time I just want to feel normal for a change and not feel so scared I'm always afraid of something being so wrong with me

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