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Always thinking bad help

So I went for my blood results they couldn't find anything that is major with the white blood count elevated and the red cells are a slight elevated he told me not to worry that he wants me back in March to monitor it and maybe that the red blood cells are over producing so he will take some blood out so why am I still freaking out about this in trying really hard not to google anything because than it will make me worse ... Other than that I feel ok wth

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hi we all worry about ourselfs but I think us with anxiety worry more cause we always think theres something wrong x deep breathing helps us and also relaxing music helps I try and keep busy when I feel low takes our mind away from it xx

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Hi Oliveira, we get to a point when we have to turn our problems over to our doctors

and let them worry. I had a doctor once who told me that. He would have me write down my concerns on a piece of paper and then literally hand it to him. It was a

weight lifted off my shoulders. He knew how to calm my fears. Just a thought!

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