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Anxious ..tension . Advice on aches?


I recently was with a friend & hugging them , they had to check out of the hotel early. Anyways , well my mid-lower back cracked & as that area is sore , I'm like paranoid , hoping nothing else occurs or gets sore. My health anxiety is through the roof. What other tips other than putting icy hot on it , would help to relieve tension? Will anything else happen since I cracked my back? I know that's a dumb question , but my mind is going crazy with thoughts ..I wish it would relax lol

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I am not a Doctor so would not like to say what you may do but I do not think it will be anything life threatening but if it is causing you pain the best person to ask would be your Doctor they can examine you , tell you if and what you have done and then suggest the best treatment :-)

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x


That happened to my daughter once. An old boyfriend saw her at a party and gave her a "big ole bear hug". She felt something snap in her ribs. Came home early crying in pain. Went to dr next day, nothing they could do just for her to take Motrin and use heat. They said it could last a couple weeks. 14 days later she was cured. It went away as fast as it came. I guess "hugs" can be dangerous at times.

Hope you are feeling better today.

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