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Can't drink water

Ok so a little back story I have been sick for 5 days today (Friday) being the 6th day I have had a sore throat which has been just constant, I also had chronic migraines that now are under control through ibuprofen. And I have also been really dizzy. No matter what I try my throat has only changed for the worse I can't drink water as soon as start I get this I guess extreme dryness but it burns and ugh it frustrates me. Please any advice

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You may need to gargle if you have a throat infection. Talk to your GP and he will examine your throat, Have you had a cold ?,

Make an appointment to see your GP



Is it deer park water your drinkin,because somehow in rhe bottling process they do something noone else does,ill be fine,then drink a few sips of that,an it feels like I caught strep,100% syptoms of strep,I stop drinkin it,never happens again an goes away in a couple day,maybe try other drinks too if thats not it,some fluids like chocolate milk for example will coat your throat an make it fell a bit better


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