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Endless Spiral of Misery and Fear

For the past 2 weeks(?) I've felt strange. My arms feel weak almost all the time,I get a lot of chills and trembling sensations,I get shortness of breath,occasional blurry vision,and I feel achy ally over. Whenever I tell my mom,she says its either anxiety, my period,or my flu shot(which I got on December 31st) I did look up a few things regarding that earlier,and I had an attack when I thought I had MS. But today,I looked a few things up,and thought I had guillian barre syndrome. I panicked once again. I keep worrying about what's wrong with me,and I've been in an endless cycle of feeling normal to feeling weird and scared. The only factors that I think are contributing to this are my diet,and all the exercises I've been doing during gym class. I feel miserable and unhappy sometimes,and I've taken a few tests that have said that I have severe generalized anxiety disorder. I'm not sure if anyone feels-or has felt-this with their anxiety..

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Hi. I quite often hear the expression 'you should listen to your mother' - and that is quite apt now. Everything you have described are well known symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. I see that you have been diagnosed with GAD. I think that almost everyone in this group would tell you that it is not a good idea to look up things on the internet - you will suffering from all kinds of exotic, terminal or serious illnesses in less than hour. :-)

I would not claim that our diet never has any effect on our health - of course it does, but a different kind of effect from what you have described. Yes you might get all sorts of minor aches and pains from gym classes, but again, that would not account for the symptoms you describe. Anxiety can make you believe the worst thing s about your health - that is the best known feature of the illness.

Do you take any medication of attend any type of therapy? It might be an idea to have a talk with your doctor so that you can feel reassured that it is the anxiety causing your symptoms.


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Hi Pilulu, I have been diagnosed with GAD and do feel all the symptoms you do.

You are confusing yourself by trying to "self diagnose" and that can be pretty scary

in itself. You said you have taken a few tests for severe generalized anxiety disorder.

Do you mean by a doctor or on the internet? I think you should see your doctor and get an answer to your concerns. Good Luck....


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